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Photographer, designer and motivated observer of everyday life based in Barcelona. I enjoy creating images for your beautiful projects.

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@ Dr. Martin Baumgärtne.

The commercial value of an image is a relative issue, it depends on many factors. For instance, this image has been approved by Photocase reviewers, so they must see some commercial potential on it… Even, it has been sold 5 times at least in other markets (not only meteorologists need those kind on images, I guess).

But, my point is not about its potential or not (not one of my bests, indeed), but about your rude manners with the members of this community.

I insist, peer criticism is always welcome. But your comments generally discourage or offend the author of the image, rather than encourage him/her to improve.

This is a plain and good vibes community. I have no problem in telling you how beautiful are some of your macros (compos and colors). Why don’t you try to do the same? Not with me specially, but to others. Just share love Dr, in those times it will be very appreciated

It is the pettiness or - better - triviality of the subject which in my opinion has nearly no commercial value. Be informed, meterologists needing such photos for their research work use automatic camera systems (e.g. a high resolution Fuji). If you had really made this in 3ds Max, Eon Vue, or Blender, I would have said "chapeau", because it is proof of your competence as an artist, but may have advised you to try something more interesting, may be a pyroclastic flow.

Es ist mir ein Vergnügen, Judith. Vielen Dank! Stay safe too

Dankeschön für die Likes. LG nach BCN and stay Safe Judith

Es war mir ein Vergnügen, jose.fini ; )

Vielen Dank fürs Bild mögen. ; )

Vielen dank für ihren kommentar Schnee von morgen! Sehr geschätzt.

Ich bin beeindruckt.

Vielen Dank FrauG! Es ist eine Ehre, zu dieser Gemeinschaft zu gehören.

Willkommen hier!