Frequently Asked Questions

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First Steps

What is Photocase?

Photocase is a stock photo agency for contemporary, authentic and creative stock photography. Our hand picked photos offer a refreshing alternative to conventional stock photography.

Our page The Photocase Idea offers general information about Photocase and our idea as well as information about our team and our customers.

Our page on prices has all the information you need about how much buying photos costs. We also clearly explain how you may use our photos on the page How to use Photocase photos.

I forgot my password! How can I log in?

Simply click here and enter the email address that you used to register with us. We’ll send you a link where you can reset your password.

I forgot my user name. What now?

Don’t panic! You can use your email address instead.

How can I reach you?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, either by phone or by email. You can reach us at or by calling us at +49 30 55572455.

Finding and organizing photos

How does the Photocase search work?

Our search engine will help you to find that perfect photo. To see how, we recommend this short video introduction.

What’s a Lightbox?

A Lightbox is a way for you to save photos on specific themes or for specific projects, then organize and share with your colleagues or clients.+

We’ve put together a little video to show just easy it is to use this fantastic tool.

Buying Photos

How much does a photo cost?

The price depends on image size and optional extras that you can add during checkout. You can find out more information on the Price page.

How do I buy a photo?

Once you’ve found the right photo, choose the size you want to buy. Then you add it to your cart and head to the checkout. Once you’ve chosen your preferred payment method and paid for the photo, the download of the photo to your hard drive will start automatically. On the Downloads page, you can see a list of all your purchased photos, and also download another copy.

A confirmation of your purchase and an invoice will be emailed to you. You can always access your invoices online and download a new copy.

If you’re planning to buy a lot of photos, please consider our Download Credit packages.

What is a Basic License?

The Basic License is included automatically in every Photocase purchase. It’s explained thoroughly in our License Agreement for Photos. It guarantees rights for usage of the photo and details things to keep in mind when using a photo.

On the page How to use Photocase photos, you can find more useful information and examples of how you can use a photo.

What are Extended Licenses?

Extended Licenses can be added on to a Basic License and give additional usage rights that are not included in the Basic License.

More information about Extended Licenses can be found on the Prices page.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Paypal, direct debit or on account. We always provide an invoice including VAT that can be downloaded and printed at your convenience.

Payment on account is designed for business customers. We ask for payment within 14 days, but can extend the payment deadline in certain cases.

What are Download Credits?

If you are planning to buy multiple photos, you can save up to 50% by using Download Credits. Download Credits are like a pre-paid plan for your mobile phone. You simply load up on credits in our shop, and then use them to download images. The bigger the package, the more you can save per photo.

Our Download Credits don’t expire, so once you’ve bought some you can simply visit our site and download photos anytime you like.

You can see prices for credit packages and buy credits on the Credits page.

Where do I find the photos I’ve bought?

Once you’ve bought a photo, it will download automatically to your computer.

You can see and manager your purchased photos on your downloads page. You can even add tags, add Extended Licenses to an already purchased photo, transfer the license for a photo to another party or even re-download the photo again free of charge.

Where do I find my invoice?

After each purchase, we create an invoice with VAT for you that you can download as a PDF.

You can see old and new invoices on your invoices page, and download them again if needed.

Can I buy a larger version or add an Extended License to a photo I already bought?

If you want to upgrade the size or rights to a photo, we only charge you the difference. This can be done on your Downloads page by clicking on the arrow next to the download button, then choose Upgrade size or Extended Licenses.

Why aren’t all photos available in Size Large?

In some cases we are unable to offer a large version of a photo. The technical requirements for a photo to called large are very strict, and some photos just don’t qualify. These photos can nevertheless be used in Small and Standard with no problems.

Our photo editors are very helpful at finding alternative images. Please send us an email at with the Photo-ID and your planned usage and we will come back with some great alternatives.

Why am I unable to buy Extended Licenses for some photos?

Some of our photographers have not given permission for their photos to be sold with Extended Licenses. If you do wish to buy an Extended License and they are not offered for that particular photo, please email us at with the Photo-ID and a quick description of your intended usage. We will contact the photographer on your behalf to see if they will grant permission for your planned project.

Using Photos

How can I use your photos, and what do I need to keep in mind?

You can use our photos for websites, presentations, brochures and other similar projects. Details can be found in the License Agreement. You can also learn more about this topic by visiting our How to use Photocase photos page, with practical examples of photo usage.

If you have any further questions about licensing, please write or call us and we will be glad to help you. Our email is, or if you prefer you can call us at +49 30 55572455.

Are there any restrictions on using your photos?

There are a few areas where we restrict usage. Such areas include, but are not limited to medical and pharmaceutical matters, political and religious matters, alcohol and tobacco. Please read sections 2.1 and 2.2 regarding permissions for such usage in our License Agreement.

Do I have to provide a citation when I use your photos?

Yes, you have to provide a citation if you use one of our photos. If you would prefer not to cite the source of your photo, you must purchase the Omit Citation Extended License.

The citation needs to include the photographer’s name and Photocase, and looks like this: Ansel Adams /

We offer the citation already formulated on the Photo page and on your Downloads page. You can simply copy the text quickly and easily from either page anytime.

The citation must be on, or as close as possible to the photo. If this is simply not possible, then it is also acceptable for the citation to appear on the imprint page.

Can I use your photos on Facebook and other social networks?

Yes, you can use our photos on social media and social networking sites at no extra cost. This includes sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

When using our photos on social media, don't forget the proper citation.

It’s important to note however that this only applies to photos purchased under Basic License 5.0, which has been in place since 9/1/2016. If you want to use photos that you purchased before that date, you will need to obtain permission from the photographer or buy a new license. You can see when you bought a photo on your Downloads page.

Can I give photos that I bought to someone else?

When you buy a photo from us, the rights are granted only to the person named in the Photocase account. You can however transfer those rights to a third party. This makes sense when you are working on contract and have purchased photos for a project that is not your own. For example, if you have a contract to build a website and buy photos from us for the layout, you can transfer the rights to your client once the project is complete.

Transferring rights can be done on your Downloads page, by clicking on the arrow next to the Download button. Then click on Change licensee to make any changes.

Please note that once you have transferred the rights to the photo, you no longer have any rights to use that photo. If your clients have questions about license transfers, you can direct them to our License Agreement page.

Can I use your photos for multiple projects?

Yes! Once you’ve bought a license, you can use the photo again and again for other projects. For example, you can use a photo on a website, in a presentation and in a brochure.

Can photos be used by multiple employees of a single company?

Yes, such Multi-Seat usage is included in the Basic License at no extra cost. Any employee that has access to the photos should be made aware of the License Agreement.

Can I save your photos in an internal database or content management system (CMS)?

Yes, purchased photos can be saved in an internal database or content management system (CMS). It’s important however that the photos are not made generally accessible, and any employee that has access to the photos should be made aware of the License Agreement.

Can I use these photos in any country?

Yes, Photocase photos have no geographic restrictions. You can use them in any country in the world.

Is there a time limit on the usage of your photos?

Nope. Photos you bought have no time restrictions and no expiry.

If I have want to use a photo with a person in it, is there anything special I need to be aware of?

If you want to use photos depicting a person in a religious, electoral or political context, then you are required to get advance permission from the photographer. In addition to these conditions, you also must obtain permission in advance if you plan to assign an identity to the person or persons depicted in the photo (this also includes things like testimonials, “my favourite internet provider!” or speech bubbles “my feet are sore!”). You can find a short list of usage that require advance permission under point 2.1 in our License Agreement.

If you do plan to use photos in this way, please send an email to with the Photo-ID and a few short sentences describing your plans for the photo. We’ll review it and get back to you right away.

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