There Is War!

A War Gallery

Can an image agency presume to be political? I believe, in the case of war, it's even obligatory. Photocase represents a lot of artists from Ukraine. At the weekend, the photographer Ndanko (Natalia) wrote me a heartbreaking email in which she describes the terrible conditions in Kherson. Another photographer who is very active with us, named Gera8th (Sofiia), is based in Mariupol. Both cities are under bombardment and surrounded by the Russian military.

At the same time, we also represent many artists from Russia, whom we also worry about, because their country has been experiencing the dismantling of the still young freedom of expression and freedom of the press for years. However, a boycott of their works is out of the question, because we like and support these people just as much as the artists from Ukraine.

Here is a gallery of images on the subject of war, in keeping with current events:

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