Stocky Stock

Concepts and Cliches


Photocase makes every effort not to appear like any other photo agency. We see ourselves as a counter model to conventional stock photography. But what would it look like if the Photocase artists were to tackle the typical stock topics and treat them in Photocase style?
In commercial stock, they talk about the three big themes that make up the lion's share of downloads, namely family, health and business. It's understandable: practically every company needs a good-looking young woman with headsets on the contact page of their website - no matter how sexist and old-fashioned that may seem. Also the Confident Business Handshake, i.e. the handshake between - typically white - businessmen or the jumping goldfish as a placeholder for supposedly new shores, find their place again and again. Recently, we had inspired the artists to work on these themes. Here we go!

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