Best of 2020

The Agony Of Choice

One of the most beautiful duties, the election for the Image of the Year is coming up. The content team looked through tens of thousands of photos in the run-up to the competition, and finally made available a selection of 1,000 images, from which we then jointly were to select the 200 best. Unfortunately, we were unable to accomplish this task. The material was simply too good and even after days of discussion we only managed to get just under 400 pictures. A real luxury problem. Therefore we ask for your indulgence and a little patience with the loading times and proudly present a gallery of the 400 best images from 2020.

Please nominate your three favourites by clicking on them and adding a Like. We track the Likes (and even if someone has chosen more than three). The ballot boxes will remain open until Monday December 14th.

To celebrate this artistic achievement, here is a multimedia bouquet of flowers: the expanded selection for image of the year accompanied by a tastefully grooving tune by Mathias Schaffhäuser. Here we go!

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