Best in August 2020

Favourite photos from the last month

With the meteorological beginning of autumn, jumpers, transition jackets and "real" shoes are dug up from the cellar, the summer holidays are over and the supermarkets are happily rolling in pallets of Christmas sweets. 

Time to have a look around the office and yes, there was something! Exactly, summer is gone, the crisis has been survived, and now it's time for a good push. Here are the images for the upcoming marketing and communication shot. And not just any, but the best photos from August 2020.

The favourite image of the month derives from Antonio Recena. Antonio stands for strong and expressive photography with great lighting, nice props and locations as well as convincing models - commercial shots that are very close but always keep a professional distance. The picture also illustrates our brand claim: Photocase is good for your eyes. By the way, the bearded guy didn't need glasses after visiting this Best-of-Gallery!

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