Why was my photo rejected?

The simple answer is that your photo likely wasn't a good fit for our collection. Please look at the collection already online to get an idea of what we like.

There are some things that if we see we automatically reject. Take a look below to see if your photo meets any of the following criteria, if so, that's why it was not accepted.

Low-resolution: Photos must be at least 2500 pixels either long or wide. (For example, a photo with 2548 x2036 would be fine, but a photo at 2048x1536 would not.)

Has text on it
(this includes bylines, cute sayings, famous quotes, date-stamps, etc.) We don't want to distract from the photo.

Is the wrong orientation
What you see is what you get with Photocase, so upload your photo exactly how you expect to see it online.

Has a fancy photoshop border
Unless you're one of the few who prints your own photos and then scans them, we'd prefer not to see any borders please. And even if you are printing your own photos, the border shouldn't be the first thing we notice.

Is highly retouched or edited
We like to think that less is more.

Is of products or trademarks
Like toys, cars, toy cars, trains (especially fancy ones like the ICE or Bullet), computers, logos, symbols etc. Yes they're photogenic, but almost always trademarked as well and publishing them could get you into legal trouble.

Is of the Eiffel Tower at night
Seriously. The tower light show is a registered trademark, and so are many other landmarks including the Flatiron Building in New York City. So the next time you're photographing a really famous building or landmark, it'd be worth your time to do a quick Google search first to make sure the subject of your photo isn't protected in some way.

Has been up-res'd or upscaled using interpolation software
If you want a higher resolution photo, set your camera or scanner to record a higher quality image.

Isn't yours.
We only want photos that you created or have the rights to.

Is pornography
We're European, so we've never been to a beach where bathing suits are mandatory, but that doesn't mean you can send us porn. Tasteful nakedness only please. Won't somebody please think of the children!

Hundreds of photos of the same flower
If you think your photoshoot yielded tons of great photos, send us a small selection of your absolute favorites. If we love them and want more, we'll let you know.

Not a real photo
We don't sell illustrations, clip art, 3d models or vectors here.

We don't accept photos if we have concerns about possible legal issues regarding the content of the photo. See our Legal Concerns section for more relevant information.

Don't forget that you can use the "My Rejected Photos" thread in our Forum to find out more about why your photo wasn't accepted. Due to the volume of photos received we are unable to give an explanation for every photo.