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Jaroslaw Pawlak (Jaroslaw Pawlak)
Age 40
Languages English, Italiano, Polski
Websites www.jaroslawpawlak.com
Profession photography
Birthplace Lublin
City Pienza
Country Italy

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I'm landscape photographer and i'm born in Lublin, Poland but based in Tuscany, Italy.

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Jaroslaw Pawlak - 10. Feb 2015 18:40

Thank You All

FrauG - 9. Feb 2015 21:49

Congratulation to the first fotos an welcome!

TRUELIGHT-NOW - 9. Feb 2015 14:40

Hi, welcome! Your tuscany landscapes are simply AMAZING!

en.joy.it - 9. Feb 2015 13:16

welcome. beautiful photos . good luck.