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sol-b - 22. Aug 2014 12:11

Thanks Smile

pencake - 7. Jun 2014 15:35

yes! all my loving, 1962-66. Wink

sol-b - 2. Jul 2013 20:51


shinelight - 21. Jul 2011 11:17

hello! thank you very much for your feedback on my photo. i wll try this Smile lots of greetings, sandra.

drarock - 24. Feb 2011 17:14

Thanks for your comment particula, I'm just starting, some day will have a gazillion of photos as you have Very Happy I want to shot landscapes too

drarock - 16. Feb 2011 23:59

Hi Smile I see you like my birdie, it's an Agapornis or Lovebird, I got a couple from a pet shop and they gave birth other 3, one of them is the one in the photo Smile, is better if you got one young 'cus they are more friendly then. here is a pic of the parents

Brieff - 4. Nov 2010 01:00

Oh but it would be SO nice to have them all accepted.. Would save some serious time..

Brieff - 3. Nov 2010 22:01

yeah well.. that was the only on accepted out of 23 and and I'm getting quite frustrated. I'll try and upload some more like "Locked doors"..

But at least now I know I CAN produce something they like. Whee partyparty!

rola - 10. Nov 2009 21:00

the great salt lake....