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music, art, photos, traveling, hitch-hiking, other cultures, movies, psihology, all kinds of water, reflections, cheese, dancing, make art : feed soul : smart set....

What else...

hey there, Im pretty alive person with loads of emotions and visions and ideas, and getting stuck at the same time to make a choice. I prefer laughs, smiles, adventures, love, giving, honesty, moving, seeing beauty around, I hope you like it. Thank you,

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kemai - 20. Sep 2014 16:23

Great pics!

AlexAlex - 3. May 2013 14:22

I like the wedding pictures you take, great style, great pictures....

mathesch - 14. Mar 2012 04:29

like your pics

fabsn - 11. Feb 2011 21:07

some nice pics here and more on your blog.

Karlsbart - 3. Oct 2010 17:08

hey ... nice pics and a nice blog!

Patrick Lienin - 21. Sep 2010 16:13

You got a great homepage and portfolio!!! Well done! Cheers, Patrick