Colors, Black and White

Glaring, fascinating, stimulating


There are two types of colors we see. Colorful light such as from a colored light bulb or LED or screen showing a digital photo. And then there are colors from light that has been reflected from colored surfaces, like a green chair or a paper photo. Essentially, we see the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiations. That said, for our perception of images, these facts aren’t so important… much like the question of whether black and white are also colours. For us, it’s more about the symbolic effect and feelings caused by colours. We can be excited by, attracted to, warned from, even saddened or gladdened by colours! The Mary’s Room Experiment was not able to fully answer whether artificial intelligence could understand how humans experience color. The photos in this collection are fascinating, inspiring, stimulating and even “loud” and “quiet,” at least, that’s what we think.

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