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Dudebun is a member of our Lightdeck-Crew. Ahoy!

Age 38
Languages English, French, Grundschule level German
City Berlin
Country Germany


http://www.shorpy.com, http://www.tsn.ca/nhl

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Foggy Jesus
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the grain
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The Tasty Treat
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The Dog
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Summer BBQ
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BBQ Ninja
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Beginner's Beach
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28 in your language and 59 in other languages.

Bernd Vonau - 2. Feb 2014 11:32

Thanks for "liking" my bridge-photo!

Bernd Vonau - 11. Jul 2013 19:08

Just realized, you "liked" my very first image here at PC.

john krempl - 1. Feb 2010 12:39

i didn't think about the nonsense english. i thought you didn't like it, because it was off topic.

thank you for taking your time to explain that.


john krempl - 29. Jan 2010 20:26

good evening, dudebun
sorry for writing you in german, i hadn't had the time to concentrate on writing english.
may i give you a short summing-up of my last comment?

of course i'm sure that you have a highly developed sense of humour. well, you're working for photocase, you have to Smile
sorry for making odd jokes about this.
and actually i did understand, that you wanted us to write english.

what i really didn't understand on the other hand, was, that you stopped us because of our off topic stammering. it happened all the time in the last two years. i remember dozens of pages (german threads) with off-topic comments and noone cared. you know, that i normally care about writing comments that deal with the picture and i'm trying to help new community members. but in that special case it was a fooling around with buddies. we know each other long enough to feel sure, that we don't want to harm anybody. so why did you stop that? (yessss, it's better to talk about colours, cutting something off, and so on)
i was quite sure that you were not amused.
that's why i wrote it in my comment. but be sure, that i didn't want to annoy you.

and yes, please, explain what you meant.

have a nice weekend, cold beers and hot chicks


sorry for my awful english.

Nanduu - 19. Jun 2009 16:59

Thanks a lot, sounds good!

Do.rit - 28. Mar 2009 15:34

Happy birthday!!!

Francesca Schellhaas - 28. Mar 2009 14:37

happy birthday mr. read

Froggy64 - 28. Mar 2009 11:26

Happy Birthday!

akai - 28. Mar 2009 11:03

Happy Birthday,Peter!
Best regards from Freiburg!

phoenixie - 28. Mar 2009 10:03

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your day!

bit.it - 28. Mar 2009 09:59


#almo - 28. Mar 2009 09:37

congrats mister dudebun.

streusel - 28. Mar 2009 01:14

happy birthday, wish you all the best!

himberry - 28. Mar 2009 00:53

Happy Birthday, dear mr. read Smile

ginger. - 28. Mar 2009 00:39

Happy birthday, dear Peter!

Hope you like the first "After Midnight Pics"!
Several of them were just dedicated to you!

Have a nice day and enjoy yourself!

waldmeister. - 28. Mar 2009 00:28

Happy Birthday, dear Peter Smile

hketch - 28. Mar 2009 00:14

happy birthday, peter!

Juttaschnecke - 28. Mar 2009 00:13

Dear Peter,

a very happy birthday to you!!!!

Best regards from Vienna.


akomei - 21. Jan 2009 07:14

great! Thanks for the input. I'll definitely consider it.
Greetings from Vancouver by the way (I just noticed you were born in Canada)!

akomei - 18. Jan 2009 08:01

Heya! You commented on my 'light in the dark' (in the rejected photos forum) photo a little while back.

In response: thanks for your comment! To answer your question: The photo has minimal noise, I was given a photocase critique of 'uninspiring motif'.

You think I should maybe play with the quality of the image and then upload the photo again?

leicagirl - 6. Dec 2008 11:58

thx for your late answer. have I already mentioned that I like them very much? Mr. Green

leicagirl - 23. Sep 2008 19:03

your pics of chamandu are really gorgeous. not only because I´m on so often .... Mr. Green
what cam/lens did you use? horizon? no, I guess they´re too briliant and sharp. anyway, its a pity that there are not more pics of you in here.

bruzzomont - 12. Sep 2008 23:46

thank You for lightboxing

javimerinocreativo - 9. Sep 2008 13:49


kallejipp - 5. Sep 2008 09:21

thank you!

Nanduu - 2. Sep 2008 12:54

I try it in Englisch, so sorry if it's too confuse Wink

It was fine to see you in real-life, 3D, so pixels. Greetins from Munich!

yydatayy - 14. Jul 2008 13:13

my profile is updated