Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines will give you an idea of what it means to be a member of the Photocase Community. Please note that your use of Photocase is loosely governed by these guidelines as well as by our Terms of Use.


  • Be Polite
    This is a community made up of many different people from many different countries. Not everyone who uses Photocase has the same opinions or ideas as you do. And that’s ok because it’d be pretty boring if everyone was exactly the same. Respect the opinions and attitudes of others. All cultures differ slightly so when in doubt, be polite and tolerant.
  • Publish your photos
    Respect copyright. Remember in High School when you copied that whole term paper on European history from the Encyclopedia? Remember how unsatisfying that was? Same goes here. Obviously you can’t pass off someone else's work as your own. When taking your own photos, consider the rights of other artists or owners of copyright such as architects, painters, manufacturers or businesses.
  • Cite us and the photographer when you use a photo from Photocase
    Remember in 6th grade when you made breakfast in bed for your mom for mother’s day and then your older brother or sister or Dad took all the credit? Didn’t feel very good did it? If you download and use a Photocase photo in your work, send a message to the photographer and be sure to cite your source properly.
  • Have fun!
    Come on, that’s the whole point right?


  • Publish photos that don't belong to you
    We kinda hinted at it above, but it’s worth saying again. We thought this was obvious, but every now and then we get a bunch of really nice photos taken from space or of Angelina Jolie with little or no clothes on. At 320x240 resolution. With a watermark. And a logo of the website it was taken from. We don’t need you to upload photos that you’ve collected off the internet or elsewhere. We know about Google Images too.
  • Use multiple accounts
    This destroys the idea upon which Photocase is built and is unfair to the other photographers. If you try to scam the system, we’ll find out. It’s easy. We’re smart.
  • Ruin it for everybody else
    Your mom said it to you, your teacher said it to you, heck, even that drunk guy at the hockey game said it to you once. Don’t use Photocase as a soapbox from which to be Captain BringDown. If you’re not having fun, maybe you should be spending your time elsewhere.
  • Publish photos that are
    - slanderous or defamatory in nature
    - an invasion of a person's private life, or infringe upon personal rights
    - pornographic, obscene or derogatory
    - defame authors, achievements, or trademarks. You could be breaking civil or criminal law and could be prosecuted. Some groups/people/businesses have lawyers that are paid lots of money to spend their whole day looking for people who say defamatory things about their clients. And trust me, these lawyers know about Photocase.
    This all goes for your avatar too.
  • Commercial links
    Links to commercial websites or projects are not permitted in forum postings, in comments or under photos.