A small customizable picture next to your username which sets you apart from other users. Not only does it show others who you are, but it also helps them to recognize you more quickly in the future.


Whenever you use a photo from Photocase, it's necessary to cite the source. You must place the citation on - or as close to the image - as possible. The Citation must look like this: "Photo: Photographer Name /". Please read our Terms of Use for more detailed information.

Download Credits

Download credits are Photocase currency. You earn download credits when a photo you upload to Photocase is accepted to the database. You can then use these credits to download other photos. Each time one of your photos is accepted to Photocase you earn 6 download credits. In addition, for every 10 published photos you maintain on Photocase you will earn 2 additional free download credits every Free Credit Monday.

No camera? No problem. You can buy as many credits as you need in our Shop.

Download credit shop (aka, The Shop)

You guessed it, The Shop is where you can buy download credits. We have many flexible packages available.


Download simply means to download a photo from Photocase. You need download credits to download content from Photocase. You can use the downloaded photo within the context of our Terms of Use for private or commercial projects.

Editorial Context

Editorial context means that the Photocase photo is being used to support text in an article, book, or other kind of publication.


We collect data about how people interact with photos (comments, clicks, sales, downloads etc) and when we compile this data we can see how popular a photo is. We decided to call this interestingness, that is, how interesting the photo is.


A lightbox is a user-created collection of photos. You can use a lightbox to mark, collect, store or download photos.

Original Work

An original work is something new that you create using a Photocase photo. Because you cannot simply resell a photo as is, you have to use the photo as a component of a new, original work, something like a detail in a collage, website, book cover, print product or publicity material.

Public Lightbox

What you do with a private Lightbox, you can also do with a public one. Think you've got an interesting collection of photos that fit a theme? Then share it with the rest of us!


Upload is a term to designate a photo that a user sends for consideration to Photocase. Our Photo Editors examine each photo individually and decide which photos are to be approved for publication on Photocase. When you upload a photo, you are taking part in the big idea that is Photocase, and you can also earn credits that you can use to download other photos on our site. There's also the opportunity to earn a little money too. Each download costs credits, and we pay the photographer from 40% to 60% of the value of those credits.