Do you have criteria or guidelines for the style of photos you accept?

As far as style is concerned, no. If you want to see what kind of photos we tend to accept, please check out our existing collection to get an idea of the style we like. Your best chance of getting a photo accepted is to send us the photos you are most proud of, that you love, photos with character.

Do note that there are some things that we never accept, no matter how cool they are:

  • No text (this includes bylines, cute sayings, famous quotes, etc.): Designers like to do this themselves, plus we don't want to distract from the photo.

  • No photos in the wrong orientation: What you see is what you get with Photocase, so upload your photo exactly how you want to see it online.

  • No fancy photoshop borders: Unless you're one of the very few who print your own photos and then scan them, we'd prefer not to see any borders please. And even then, the border shouldn't be the first thing we notice about your photo.

  • Some Landmarks: Some very photogenic things are protected by various trademark and copyright law, like the Eiffel Tower at night for example.

  • No insane retouching or editing please: This is one of those cases where we feel less is more.

  • No photos of or that include products or trademarks: Like toys, cars, toy cars, computers, well-known symbols, company logos, etc. Yes they're photogenic, but almost always trademarked too.

  • No up-resing: It just looks bad. If you want a higher resolution photo, set up your camera or scanner to capture a higher quality photo.

  • No photos that aren't yours: We only want photos that you created or own the rights to.

  • No pornography: We're European, and having never been to a beach where bathing suits are required makes us a little more open-minded than you might expect. That said, only send us tasteful nakedness please.

  • No endless series of the same thing: We don't need to see 75 photos from your plane ride to Portugal, or photos of the same building from 60 different angles, or the same photo in colour, black & white or sepia and then cropped 15 different ways. If you were just involved in a huge photoshoot, send us a small selection of your favorites. If we love them and want more, you'll know.