What are "Extended Licenses?"

Extended Licenses allow you to do special things that you aren't permitted to with a Basic Photocase License.

We have 3 different types of Extended Licenses:

1. Merchandising License: If you want to use a Photocase photo to create physical products for sale that shows mainly the photo (things like calendars, T-shirts, mousepads and so on) then you’ll need this license. This license also permits you to use Photocase photos in things like Powerpoint presentations or web templates that you've created and wish to sell. This license does NOT permit you to simply resell the photos as prints or posters.

2. Omit Citation License: When you purchase and use a Photocase photo under a Basic License, you must cite the photographer and Photocase. If you purchase the "Omit Citation" extended license, the citation is no longer required.

3. Unlimited Production Run License: The Basic License only allows you to create up to 250,000 copies of your project. If your project requires more than 250,000 copies, the Unlimited Production Run License enables you to produce as many copies of the photo as you wish.

Note: Extended Licences cannot be purchased with free credits. You can use either purchased Download Credits or our Instant Buy system.

The read the Extended License Terms of Use, click here.