Take more to give more! Everything costs 10% more.

Since a few years there is the turbo-capitalistic bad habit to start the Christmas business even earlier dashing out with gigantic discounts in the last week of November. We are not going to play along any longer, because we have understood that campaigns like "Black Friday" and "Cyber Week", along with the associated "Cyber Monday", primarily serve certain Internet traders who tend to monopolize, and that on the backs of their suppliers. Applied to Photocase, this means: with a regular Black Friday offer, we do a generous job on the outside, but we really just exploit our photographers. We don't want that - our business model is based on realistic offers for all participants.

Hence we decided to turn the tables and increase prices temporarily by 10% in the week from November 25th to 29th. We will double the incremental earnings generated in this way and donate the amount to the Björn Schulz Foundation. This is a hospice for dying children located in our immediate neighborhood in Berlin.

Example calculation
Regular image price
25,00 Euro
Discount Dada image price (+ 10 % from normal price)
27,50 Euro
Photocase add-on (+ 10 % from normal price)
2,50 Euro
Photocase donation (20 % of the normal price)
5,00 Euro

We use our resources to point out an abuse and do something good at the same time.  We would be delighted if you support the Discount Dada Days campaign and thus help to fight for human behavior in business. That's 100% more Christmassy than a 40 % discount.

Note: The promotion only applies to direct purchases and credit packages, not to downloads with existing credits.