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2013 - New features, updates and bugfixes.


  • 26. feature Add new layout versions and optional layout versions without watermark.
  • 26. feature Redesign pages for layout version download, meta data and zoom-view.



  • 28. bugfix Fix a bug in the Uploader that overwrites a files original name.
  • 28. feature Add improvements to the Lightdeck admin.
  • 24. feature Show a legal notice when using the Lighdeck for the first time.
  • 01. feature Add the Lightdeck.


  • 22. bugfix Fix a bug when deleting rejected photos.
  • 22. feature Add short URL system.



  • 19. bugfix Fixed slow URL rewriting.
  • 12. bugfix Fix bug in photo synchronization.
  • 12. feature Move photo synchronization to Rails.
  • 04. bugfix Fix color management bug in image processing.
  • 04. bugfix Fix date parsing in home slide show.
  • 04. feature Add new collections to home slide show.



  • 15. bugfix Fix date issues in Trackr.


  • 25. feature Automate money sending when user requests a payout.
  • 25. feature Enable photographers to pay with their income when making purchases in the shop.
  • 24. feature Add "Free Photo Monday" as a new special event on Mondays.
  • 10. bugfix Fix wording in invoice management.
  • 10. feature Add Download button to layout version page.
  • 10. feature Allow to download layout versions of all photos in a lightbox.




  • 12. bugfix Fix download cart not auto-saving changes.
  • 06. bugfix Remove image title when image preview is shown.
  • 03. blog New Blogpost (German)


  • 29. bugfix Fixed a bug in the url processing.
  • 28. blog New Blogpost (German)
  • 28. blog New blow post (English)
  • 28. feature Added a improved zoom view to check image quality of photos.
  • 22. bugfix Fixed a bug where saving the settings form disabled extended licences for all photos..
  • 20. keywording Better distinction of Fit/Fitness/Health keywords in keyword assistant.
  • 10. feature Add Pinterest button to photographers own share options.
  • 09. bugfix Fix redirect error after publishing a photo.
  • 09. blog New blog post (english)
  • 09. blog New blog post (German)
  • 08. feature Translate Trackr.
  • 08. database Fix session table timeouts.
  • 08. bugfix Fix getting timeout errors when trying to access search log analyzer.
  • 08. blog New Blogpost (German)
  • 08. blog New blow post (English)
  • 08. bugfix Fix css layout issue in public lightbox list.
  • 07. bugfix Fix shop process is missing the bread crumb navigation.
  • 07. bugfix Fix css layout issues in shop process.
  • 07. feature Add social sharing buttons after publishing a photo or lightbox.
  • 07. feature Add link to Trackr and google+1 to classic asp website.
  • 07. bugfix Fix deadlocks in image processing.
  • 07. bugfix Fix deadlocks in file synchronization service.
  • 07. bugfix Fix image processing does not log full error message for error 'unsupported media'.
  • 07. bugfix Fix certain job files don't get deleted from storage when processing is done.
  • 07. bugfix Fix storage component is sending error messages when trying to delete a file that does not exist.
  • 06. bugfix Fix typo in keyword control.
  • 06. bugfix Show 'all photos' instead of 'register' button on home if user is already registered.
  • 06. bugfix Fix add keyword fails with message 'photo not found' but photo exists.
  • 06. bugfix Fix keyword control is sending confirmation messages in wrong language.
  • 06. feature Add google plus one button to footer.
  • 06. feature Launch Trackr.
  • 05. bugfix Fix special char problem in rails connector.
  • 05. database Setup production database for rails website.
  • 03. bugfix Fix typos and missing translations in footer.
  • 02. bugfix Fix css layout issues in site header.
  • 02. bugfix Fix css layout issues in main menue.
  • 02. bugfix Fix css layout issues in footer.
  • 02. feature Visually disable paging buttons if user is on first or last page.
  • 02. bugfix Fix new photographers don't see photographer sections.