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Every update has an update...

4. Aug 2008 - Comments 0

...therefore, we just finished a little update that updates the last update and will make a few little problems nothing more than an unpleasant memory. :)

  • "Notify me if someone comments on my photos," located in the settings, works again.
  • The various errors you could get while searching have been repaired, and the search functions have been optimized.
  • The forum names have been translated into French and Spanish. This will eliminate the errors that some users were getting.
  • Photo exchange is working again.
  • My Messages page has been optimized.
  • Profiles with bazillions of comments don't load so slowly anymore.
  • the colour search has been updated, retooled and is for the first time available in all 4 languages.
  • We converted the width and height options in the Advanced Search. You can now search for pixels, centimetres or inches.
  • The Search and Advanced Search has been optimized bigtime.
  • When a search has many different possibilities, we will only show the results for which there are actually photos.
  • You can now prevent Google from indexing your profile page. Adjust this on your Settings page.
  • Language settings have been optimized considerably. The site will operate in whatever language you've chosen on your settings page, while the pull down menu on the upper-right corner is now more like a "quick switch" that won't affect any back-end settings like site-mail or other correspondence between you and Photocase.
  • Doubled keywords bug has been fixed.
  • User search has been tinkered with and should return better results now.
  • Keyword list in the photo detail page will now display in the proper language.

If you come across a problem, please send us an email.

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