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Together again

3. Oct 2007 - Comments 0

First of all, we hope you had a great German Unity Day, without which we here at Photocase would still be bopping around Dresden with a Praktika dangling from our necks wondering what bananas taste like. If you were anywhere outside Germany, we hope you had a great Wednesday.

Here's the list of new stuff for which we took to the streets in '89.

  • You now have extended search at your fingertips.
  • You can now request a reason from the photo editing team as to why your photo was not approved. Your answer will be one of 7 answers and should give you a little more insight into why your photo was rejected. Also, you can now post your photo directly into the "My Rejected Photos" thread.
  • For the brave-hearted users that took part in the poll, you can now see the results.
  • In the forum we fixed the page numbers that were displaying incorrectly, and also fixed the category display. Some other minor bugs are history now too.
  • The Contest is coming soon. We mean it this time. More info to come shortly.
  • You can now see who likes which photos.
  • We now have a News archive.
  • The "resume a broken download within 8 hours function" functions again.
  • We fixed a few Internet Explorer layout abominations.
  • The official wait time for uploaded photos has been reduced by 3 days. This will only take effect later in the day on Thursday as we're a little behind from the update.
  • And, as usual there are tons of other little things that we're proud to have fixed but can't remember what they all were.

So knock yourselves out and, if you please, switch your brain into Test Mode and send any errors or bugs that you may find to support(at)

Have fun,


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