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Photo Keywords

23. May 2006 - Comments 0

Today's lesson is on keywords and the keywords you give your photos. Lets say you upload a photo where you can see a beautiful meadow, a bright blue sky and a ball bouncing from playfully from left to right. If you used the keywords "ball, meadow, sky," technically it would be OK. But who wants to be just "OK," right?

It is our opinion that every photo should have objective AND subjective keywords. Not just things IN the photo but things that the photo brings to mind when you look at it, what you had in mind when you took the photo or the less obvious things this photo is telling you. These are things that people look for too. For example: A graphic designer creates a brochure for a child welfare organization. The photo he needs should look like childhood and happiness. He may look for: Luck, Happiness and Childhood, but he won't find the example photo from above, even though that's the feeling he's looking to convey.

Your keywords should contain more associations. So, instead of just using "sky, field, ball" to describe the photo of the blue sky, field and bouncing ball, why not also : freedom, childhood, happiness, holiday, fun, fresh, air, sport, play, vitality ...

So, when you're creating keywords in the future, keep in mind that the overall feel as well as the less conspicuous aspects of your photo play a role in searches as well, and synonyms and even antonyms can be a big help to someone trying to find your photo.



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