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Hello everyone at Photocase!

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Avatar of zenpix
zenpix - 18. Dec 2009 01:23

Im brand new here, still waiting for my inital review of my first uploaded pic's.

BTW: Did i mention how much i love reviewers:) Thay are all overworked and underpaid. give them a raise!

Just wanted to say hello to everyone...Hello everyone!.

I also want to say what a lovely site!

The concept is great and unique, i love it.

I dont have to wory about standard microstock headachs.

I can photograph what i want just because i like it!

Im just about in tears about this, im so happy.

originaly i was all about the art of photography. Then i started with microstock and havent taken a photo since without thinking is it stock worthy, what will it sell~~~blaa bla blaa.

Now since finding out about this place i can once again start enjoying taking picures. I feel as if im free again.

Thank you soo, much.

Avatar of taretz
taretz - 18. Dec 2009 03:10

Welcome! Hope you'll enjoy it! The reviewing process can be quite frustrating... of course it depends on a zillion different factors, but for most people the acceptance rate is terribly low (sometimes close to zero). So, don't be discouraged by that!

Looking forward to see your pictures!

Avatar of zenpix
zenpix - 18. Dec 2009 07:18

Hello and thank you, im enjoying this place already.

Yes i have heard of the difficult acceptance rate here. Crossing my fingers and hope im good enough.

Its so great to be able to find immages that are not the cookie cutter standard microstock is so inspiring to me!

makes me want to go out & take pic's again, without the micro mentality in mind. Just pictures for aesthetic/artistic expression, but of course with selling in mind also.

God, this place is like a breath of fresh air.

BTW: I got three photos accepted so far! ! !

feel free to take a look & tell me what you think.


Avatar of zenpix
zenpix - 18. Dec 2009 07:25

Just looked at your port~~~very nice photos. Photos like that are what inspire me.
Thank you

Avatar of xtra06
xtra06 - 18. Dec 2009 08:04

welcome at photocase!

Avatar of steffne
steffne - 18. Dec 2009 08:35


God, this place is like a breath of fresh air.

I like the existing claim but this one would fit too Smile

Welcome Nick! You'll like it here, it's great. The reviewers are nice guys, the community is the beste in the world (look what they did recently when photocase had its birthday - Smile ). And don't worry about acceptance rates, for some people it's still quite okay. Moreover, no pain no gain Wink

I hope your excitement will remain. Once again welcome,


Avatar of almogon
almogon - 18. Dec 2009 08:50

moin moin Wink

Avatar of Nanduu
Nanduu - 18. Dec 2009 09:54

Hello and welcome!
I'm sure you'll enjoy Smile

Avatar of Jo.Sephine
Jo.Sephine - 18. Dec 2009 18:10

welcome to the world's nicest community Very Happy
i'm pretty sure that you will find a lot of fun, inspiration and some really good friends here.
and good luck for your uploads Wink

Avatar of aptech
aptech - 16. Feb 2010 07:52

Hello everybody..hope you enjoying the stay in this forum.. nice meeting you all people here..have a great time and fun to all.

Avatar of secretgarden
secretgarden - 16. Feb 2010 14:51

welcome at photocase. Smile

Avatar of unicorn6
unicorn6 - 8. Mar 2010 22:23

Welcome to the world of Photos...!

its very enjoyable to be here, between all of it seems to be heaven of memories...!

Avatar of ti.Na
ti.Na - 22. Apr 2010 12:58

I think you'll have a great time here

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