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Uploading photos

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Avatar of chrisroll
chrisroll - 24. Jul 2009 13:54


I'm new here.

I've uploaded some photos, and all have been immediately placed in "My rejected photos"

Is it normal?

I understand some photos can be rejected by reviewers, but in my case, the rejection is immediate...

Thanks for reply

Avatar of taretz
taretz - 24. Jul 2009 14:44

It's a very unfortunate translation. Those pictures are now in the queue for being reviewed (you should see a number which indicates their place in the queue). If they are accepted, they will automatically be moved into "my unfinished photos" and you will get an email to finalize (tag) them. If they are reviewed and rejected, they will stay in the "my rejected pictures" folder but instead of a number their status will change to "rejected". At that point you can ask the reviewers for a reason (but the answer will take a long time and be very generic) and you can also post them in the forum to ask other users for critical comments and suggestions. But these are user comments, no one really knows why certain pictures are accepted and others aren't.

Good luck and welcome to Photocase!

PS: In case your pictures get rejected, don't be disappointed, it's more rule than exception! Just keep on trying.

Avatar of rowan
rowan - 24. Jul 2009 14:56

exactly. The German original reads "my unconfirmed photos".

Avatar of chrisroll
chrisroll - 24. Jul 2009 15:10

It's ok,

Thanks a lot...

See you later Wink

Avatar of Dudebun
Dudebun - 3. Aug 2009 16:08

this is fixed now btw

Avatar of taretz
taretz - 4. Aug 2009 13:44


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