What is the Forum?

The Forum is a place where all Photocase users can come together and chat about topics of their choice.

The forum is structured like this:

  • 1.) Forums (postings, photography, support...)
    Forums are collections of topics.
  • 2.) Topics
    Topics or threads are essentially collections of contributions.
  • 3.) Contributions
    Contributions, posts, or postings are answers to topics.

After the FAQ, the Photocase forum is your best place to go for troubleshooting. The forum is overflowing with competent support staff and other Photocase users who may have already found a solution to your problem.

The My Rejected Photos forum is where you can upload photos that didn’t get approved by the photo editors. Other users (and sometimes even Photocase photo editors) offer suggestions as to the possible reasons.

Please keep our Community Guidelines in mind while using the forum.