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Photocase was started in 2001 by 4 guys as a way for a handful of graphic designers to freely and easily share photos between each other. They shot their own photos, uploaded and shared them to create a little pool of reliable, unique, good-quality and--above all--free photos that they could use in any given project.What started as a convenient way to find good, free photos soon became an obsession. The early users found that they were hooked on Photocase, and they wanted more, and not just from each other, but from new photographers. Friends told friends, colleagues told colleagues, and before long Photocase turned into one of those fabled High School parties where 1000 people show up, the piano ends up in the pool, someone drives a car through the front window and the owner is left standing on the lawn saying "but I only invited 5 people..."

Photocase has become one of the most frequented photo portals in Germany, having gained a reputation as a "go-to" for high-quality, unique, royalty-free photos. If you haven't had the chance, take a look around. Photocase has a huge collection of photos with character. And if you get hooked, hey, it's not our fault.

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Photocase is a community made up of creative, ambitious users. If you think our users are people you want to get in contact with, then we'd be happy to supply you with information about advertising and other possibilities for co-operation.


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